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  • Gwalior Chemical Industries Limited is a leading global producer of speciality chemical products. Currently we operate seven large chemical plants spanning over two chemical facilities located at Nagda (Madhya Pradesh) and Ankleshwar (Gujarat) in India.

    Over the last two decades, we have built a formidable presence in the speciality chemical industry and have extensively catered to the needs of our customers covering the agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, dyes and flavours & fragrance industries.
    We are one of the largest Indian producers of Chlorotoluene range of products. Within this range, we produce and sell Benzyl Chloride, Benzaldeyhde, Benzotrichloride, Benzyl Alcohol and its other derivatives.

    We are also one of the leading global producers of Sulphur Chloride range of products. Within this range, we produce and sell Thionyl Chloride and Sulphuryl Chloride.

    We also manufacture and sell special Viscose Dye Pigments catering to the textile sector.

    All products manufactured by us confirm to the highest international standards of quality

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